What you need to know about football betting?

If you decide to bet on football online, then you should assume that football (like the NFL in America) is a popular sport. On the one hand, many good conclusions can be drawn from this: the widest line of bets, a long additional list, an excellent statistical base, and a huge variety of strategies. But on the other hand, football bets require much more knowledge and skills than any other sport.

What you need to know about football betting?

If in conventional equestrian sports in theory it is enough to track the skills of athletes and the physical condition of horses, then in football you need to find a middle ground between statistics, team position, ambitions, and football events.

It is necessary to weigh risks during the forecast from three positions: positions of statistics, positions of an expert and positions of a bookmaker.


When betting on football online, you should start with a statistical analysis.

What you need to know about football betting?

Stage of the season

  • Team position in the tournament;
  • Full-time confrontation between teams last season;
  • Full-time confrontation between teams in the historical range;
  • Statistics of home / away meetings.

In statistics, there are no tricks – this is a purely objective method of assessment. But remember that the difference between an amateur and an expert is based on the value attached to the statistics. It only outlines the boundaries of the forecast, but in no case does it form it, although, at the same time, it should never be underestimated.

Expert analysis

Experts are looking for relationships and patterns in football and near-football events. These include:

What you need to know about football betting?
  • Transfers
  • Coaching staff;
  • Injuries and disqualifications;
  • Manner of play;
  • The psychological and physical form of the team, etc.

There are many factors that influence the outcome of a match. Most of them are associated with the moral condition of the teams. The mental state of players can be affected by such things as the acquisition of a superstar with a huge contract, a decrease in salaries, distrust of the coach and even the crisis of the national football federation. That is why, before online football betting, listen to the experts, the press, look for any latest news related to the teams – then your forecast will be less risky.


Due to the popularity of football, it is understood not only by spectators and players, but also by bookmakers. In order to play effectively against offices, you must consider the following facts:

What you need to know about football betting?

Bookmaker quotes are always objectively justified, especially in situations where the odds for a top club or a clear favorite are overestimated.

Quotes change not only due to which team looks preferable, but also depending on the size of players’ bets on a particular team.

Odds can change within a few seconds, and this is a double-edged sword. Having made an online bet on football, you can catch a good moment, or you can miss it. This is especially true in live forecasts.

Each bookmaker has a more or less constant margin, limits and strategies for behavior in a given situation. Study them, and you can beat the offices even in the case when you do not really know who to bet on.

What you need to know about football betting?

Bookmakers are also people. If the majority does not know anything about the fifth division of the championship of England, it means that BC has the possibility of an obvious mistake in such a match.

The role of chance in betting

Along with all the circumstances that affect both the outcome of the match and the forecast, the notion of mathematical expectation occupies a special place, the simplified formula of which looks like KxP> 1, where K is the coefficient and P is the probability of a positive outcome. Due to the variety of mathematical theories, it is possible to rationally weigh the risks, which allows you to win at a distance with almost 100% success.

What you need to know about football betting?

At the same time, there are simpler strategies, thanks to which the bet on a football match is realized with almost one hundred percent probability, however, the income in this case will be unstable and inevitably lower (see “catch-up”, “fork” tactics).

Our forecasts are not only factually substantiated, but also made for reasons of profit and the best odds among bookmakers. Therefore, open accounts in several bookmakers, and then your bets on football will be the most profitable.

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