Unpredictable, and therefore profitable hockey

Hockey in sports betting is one of the most demanding. This discipline is one of the most dynamic and unpredictable. Oil is added to the fire by the fact that, in fact, each hockey league has its own specifics: different performance, the importance of home areas, the division into outsiders and favorites, the number of fundamental confrontations, etc.

Unpredictable, and therefore profitable hockey

Statistics strongly affect sports betting. Hockey in this regard is one of the only ones – here the role of general statistics is small. Almost every event, such as a player’s injury, changes in the links, change of coach in physical. training can fundamentally change the setting for the match. That is why hockey is such a hard threshold for entry – for victories in the race you MUST follow the league and each team for a long time.

Hockey Features

Sensations and comebacks. In hockey there are no obvious favorites and outsiders, this is especially noticeable in the NHL. More than 2,500 matches are played in the North American League during the season, and 1,500 in the KHL. At this pace, teams are forced to rotate and distribute forces not only at a distance, but in each individual match.

Unpredictable, and therefore profitable hockey

The statistical base. As mentioned above, the number of matches of each team is incredible. This creates an excellent basis for statistical analysis and tracking the form of not only teams, but also individual players, which has always been a plus for betting on a hockey game in particular.

Unstable Live Betting. Experienced players hardly put in totals and odds, because even an extra “bought” goal does not give such reliability as in football. In addition, hockey seems to be created in order to be unsure of such bets – the removal and rule of the sixth player can change the score with a rather high probability.

The post-transfer period. Hockey transfers completely change the balance of power. Firstly, it forces you to constantly follow the news. Secondly, it discounts any expectations for the next few tours. Thirdly, it makes no sense to consider the results of teams for previous seasons, because changes the rules of bets.

Unpredictable, and therefore profitable hockey

Team rotation. Links are constantly changing, players are injured, youth and reserve are being tried. Hockey is a sport that is completely alien to statics. You must be aware of all the events, otherwise each tour will take you by surprise.

NHL Features

We have a separate article on betting on the KHL. As for the NHL as the most popular hockey league, in this case it should be understood: the NHL is a championship with a huge history and endless traditions. The number of fundamental confrontations here is incredible. The stadiums are so large that the role of the home venue is almost decisive.

Unpredictable, and therefore profitable hockey

Each team, despite all the rotation, permanently adheres to a certain style of play and sets historically determined tasks. Betting on hockey as a sport from this angle looks enormously complex.

IMPORTANT! Be careful with sports betting – most offices do not take into account the outcome in extra time.

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