Tennis betting specifics

Tennis bets are fundamentally different from bets on football, hockey or basketball. In tennis, there is no such complex, but at the same time key concept, as a team. Agree, it is much easier to analyze the match between two athletes than to take into account the form of twenty-two players, while foreseeing the strategic ideas of the coaches in advance.

Tennis betting specifics

Compared to football, tennis looks a lot easier. Did the player fail to recover from the injury? Will play at half strength. Was the athlete nervous after a controversial moment and broke a racket? The game will go downhill. And that is why tennis is attractive primarily LIVE-lines. A double mistake, a successful “candle”, a series of aces – everything can affect the course of the game, and at any time.

How to analyze tennis bets

Tennis betting specifics

First of all, you should understand that tennis players are not always motivated to win. To the full, the leaders of the world ranking are laid out in Grand Slam tournaments. In less prestigious competitions, they pursue completely different goals – earning rating points, checking the form after an injury, maintaining the game tone, getting bonus ones, etc.

Secondly, the role of statistics is extremely important in betting on tennis. In hockey, basketball and football, it is only an accompanying element. In tennis, statistics are a key prerequisite for forecasting.

Tennis betting specifics

The analysis of bids is carried out according to the following criteria:

  • Game statistics for the season;
  • Game statistics for this type of coverage;
  • Statistics of personal meetings;
  • Game on the pitch;
  • The game at the reception;
  • Exits to the grid;
  • The manner of the game (measured / aggressive start, reliable / risky serve, etc.).

At the same time, do not forget about the age of the athlete and his physical form, which can be affected by both additional tournaments (in doubles, in national teams) and long flights between countries.

Some Betting Tips

Do not rush things. Tennis is a fickle game, and favorites here lose not so rarely.

Tennis betting specifics

Check out odds betting. At the moment, this is the most popular form of betting in tennis.

Do not bet on unfamiliar players. Any self-respecting betting player learns all kinds of facts about the line.

Do not bet on the score 4: 4 and on a time-break. In fact, it’s like a penalty in football – a pure lottery.

Remember the importance of player motivation. Let us already talked about this, but this is really an important point that many players neglect.

Best Bk for Tennis Betting

Tennis betting specifics

Representatives of the best tennis betting companies include William Hill, 10bet. These bookmakers have the best lines, excellent odds and good LIVE bet service.

A little behind them are the bookmakers, which, although they do not specialize in tennis, but still also have excellent odds: LEON, Parimatch, SportingBet. Get an account in several of them and start earning!

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