How do we beat the bookies?

More than a hundred analysts work in bookmakers, among other things, resorting to the help of statistical programs, and yet experienced cappers somehow make predictions for sports with a probability of sixty, sometimes seventy percent. By average standards, this allows you to increase the bank from 10% to 70% per month, and from 5% to 50% per year. Although indicators are much smaller than in foreign exchange trading, the role of chance in sports betting is much less.

How do we beat the bookies?

What sports forecast is always true?

In fact, the logically correct (even in the case of a final loss) bet is one that is made on the basis of the following factors:

  • Statistics
  • Event series
  • Expected value.

In the analysis, these factors are used by both bookmakers and, in fact, bettors themselves. But there are two significant differences between them.

Bookmakers play in huge amounts with a large number of bettors. Their mathematical expectation formulas operate with a lot of input, with a much greater risk. They can not afford to fail in any match, and in this regard, the situation is assessed on the very verge between caution and conditionally equal and fair play. Such a complex, controversial junction of interests often leads to an overestimation or underestimation of the forecast for sports.

How do we beat the bookies?

For bookmakers, the most important numbers. Due to the scale of the likely win or loss, they are obliged to concentrate on statistics, and the least boldly resort to the analysis of various news and events in the world of sports. This is the second loophole for the bettor, which chooses the best coefficient from the set of options, based on the pre-match assumptions.

Sports Betting

The bookmaker’s office is one grandiose mechanism, which, if it is impossible to unravel, it can be studied. We deliver the most reliable sports forecasts, because we know many of the features and patterns in both the work of the BC and in sports.

How do we beat the bookies?

Our analysts analyze:

  • Personal meeting statistics;
  • Season statistics;
  • Physical and moral form;
  • News and events;
  • Multiple variations of strategies and vulnerabilities of the most popular BC;

Mathematical expectation.

How do we beat the bookies?

We are not players. We are the professional opinion of analysts making money on bets, and that is why we advise you to listen not only to us, but also to other opinions, and, more importantly, to your own.

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