How do we beat the bookies?

More than a hundred analysts work in bookmakers, among other things, resorting to the help of statistical programs, and yet experienced cappers somehow make predictions for sports with a probability

Tennis betting specifics

Tennis bets are fundamentally different from bets on football, hockey or basketball. In tennis, there is no such complex, but at the same time key concept, as a team. Agree,

Betting on Roland Garros 2017

The French Open Tennis Championship is an annual tournament that attracts the attention of all sports fans from around the world. It brings together the world’s leading tennis players, both

Profitable hockey

Unpredictable, and therefore profitable hockey Hockey in sports betting is one of the most demanding. This discipline is one of the most dynamic and unpredictable. Oil is added to the

Football betting

What you need to know about football betting? If you decide to bet on football online, then you should assume that football (like the NFL in America) is a popular

NBA Basketball Betting

Basketball has become popular among players thanks to live betting on basketball. Football can be compared to chess, while basketball can be compared to checkers. Both sports are an exemplary